How to use your smartphone for home security.

Having a home security system provides peace of mind. Especially during these days and times. While they are not an “end all” – home security systems do give you a greater sense of confidence that your children, spouse, family members, and even your pets are safe and protected.

Monitoring the system from your SmartPhone is one of the greatest security capabilities that you can take advantage of. You can monitor what’s going on in your home — right from your phone, and even when you’re not there.

How It Works

Most home security systems are generally made up of sensors placed in and around your home. The sensors are connected to various types of equipment. Exactly what equipment is included depends on the company and the plan you choose, but the base systems usually include cameras, motion detectors and microphones, connected to a computer with a monitor.

Here’s the great thing about using your SmartPhone to add to your monitoring capabilities — Smartphones already have the necessary electronics built right in, which makes them the ideal home security monitoring system. Plus, they are much cheaper than a complicated system and they give you instant access, at any time and in any place.

Integrate and Sync Your Smartphone With Your Security System

Most security system providers are integrating the use of smartphones with the security system itself. Even small companies have adopted this technology and are continually finding new ways to make the system more intuitive.

Components of the System

The main component is the central hub. It is like control central. Of course, you control the system with your phone, but the hub allows this access. It is connected to the broadband router in your home and links all of the devices to your wireless security system. You receive real time notifications to your smartphone, over the internet.

Motion sensors detect any movement inside your home. How sensitive they are depends on the company and your personal settings. For example, if you leave a pet at home alone, you want to see what the pet is doing, if he is eating, drinking, making a mess or looking a bit ill, but you may not want to be notified every time he stretches or rolls over. The magnetic window and door sensors notify you if someone tries to break in.

Check With Your Home Security Service Provider

Make sure you select a company that can integrate your current service so you can monitor it via your SmartPhone. That can make all the difference in selecting a company based on price versus value.

Ask for a comparison in price in terms of additional costs for SmartPhone/Mobile monitoring access and capabilities, and without. Then, get three competitive bids from other companies. Compare services, pricing and all the “bells and whistles” they are trying to sell.

And keep in mind that not all home security companies offer the ability to arm or disarm the system remotely. Some do. Some don’t. Try to go for the service provider that allows you to control every aspect, and monitor your entire system from your Smartphone, and from any device and from anywhere you have internet access. At any time. Day or night.

Most home security system providers offer a variety of apps, so no matter which device you choose to use to control your system, there will probably be an app available. But, this is something you should look into when choosing your provider.


Be Sure to Ask Your Security Service Provider About …

  • The ability to monitor, record and check on what’s happening in your home from anywhere.
  • Remotely arm and disarm the system.
  • Personalize alert settings, such as a call, text message or email notifications in the case of an intrusion, a fire or severe temperature fluctuations.
  • View live feeds from cameras in and around your home.
  • Control your home heating and air conditioning system via your HVAC digital thermostat controls.
  • Ability to control interior and exterior lights

Visit the website for your smartphone manufacturer. Check to see which apps they have for home security that work best with your phone and model. Smartphone syncing is getting easier to do and apps are being added every day. So use your phone as a tool to give you extra peace of mind!