The Power of Prayer.


Prayer is something everyone knows about – but not everybody knows how to do it.  Even the apostles who believed and who walked and talked with Jesus reached out and asked Him how to pray.

His response to them was “The Lord’s Prayer,” which is often one of the first prayers that Christians learn. And unfortunately, for far too many, their learning about prayer ends right there.

Prayer has power. Prayer changes things. But most important of all — prayer is a way to commune, one-to-one with The Father. Think about how much your earthly father or a very, very good friend looks forward to hearing your voice and talking with you. God feels the same way. He looks forward to spending time with you. And the best way to do that, and connect with Him one-to-one is through prayer.

Don’t Be a Drop-Out

Learning to talk to God one-to-one is not something that happens overnight. It’s a life journey. It takes time. It takes practice. It takes commitment. Most importantly – it takes letting go and letting God. Sometimes “the answer” to the prayer may not be what we had in mind! But His ways are perfect. His will, will be done – on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Yes, he loves to hear a fervent and reverent prayer, magnifying His Holiness. He is, after all, the great I AM. He also wants you to talk to Him, plainly, simply, and honestly.


Here are a few things you can try to build your relationship with God and make prayer time something you look forward to …

I’ll Meet You At Our Favorite Spot

Think about how you often call a friend and say – “I’ve got something to tell you! Meet me at …. (fill in the blanks). You can do the same with God! You can find a special place to meet and commune with Him — at a park, by the lake or ocean, or right outside in your own backyard.

Write Him a Note or Letter

Remember how in the movie “The Color Purple” the Miss Ceily character wrote “Dear God” letters. You can do the same. And in today’s world – you can even create a file on your computer where you write to Him and tell him about what’s going on.

Yes – You can Even Tell Him a Joke!

That’s right. Tell Him a joke. Tell Him about something that made you laugh. Like something funny your child, your husband, your friend – or even you did. Or how somebody who thought they were going to get away with doing something to harm you got stopped dead in their tracks. Let Him know how you see His hand and His good works every day – and how much His love and care brings you joy!



Remind Him About His Promises

We live in a world of laws and contracts and we certainly know how to use them to right wrongs. Same thing goes for believers. You have His Holy Word, The Bible. Read it. Study it. And lean on it when you make your petitions known. Repeat back to Him the promises. He will do just what He says. But here’s the key – you have to do your part as well.