How to create a home office for your home-based business.

Did you know that approximately 70% of all entrepreneurs start their businesses at home?

Bill Gates of Microsoft, now one of the richest men in the world, started his first venture in his parents garage. And Jeff Zuckerberg of FaceBook started in his college dorm room. So who knows what your home-based venture can grow to become!

Setting up a home office can save you tens of thousands versus renting office space. However, there are certain productivity essentials and environment aesthetics you want to be sure to have in place in order to have the most productive, efficient and best home-based business experience possible to help your business grow and thrive!

There are three key considerations in selecting your in-home space:

1) Having privacy so you can focus and concentrate

2) Having space to accomodate mandatory equipment

3) Having a space that’s suitable for meeting with clients – if that applies to your business.

If your business does not require a lot of “face time” interaction with clients, your space can be as small as a corner of your bedroom. But, if you will need room to meet with clients, store files or have multiple work stations – you will need a dedicated room. If that’s the case, consider converting that rarely used dining room into office space or that spare bedroom. Make that space make money!

Identifying and Creating Your Style

Traditional. Modern. Artsy. Nuts and Bolts.

Your space should reflect your business category. For example, if you are an attorney, accountant or real estate agent – make sure the décor reflects trust and confidence. Choose traditional furnishings to say it. But if you are a graphic artist, marketing pro or someone in entertainment or music – give your space a modern flair to show that you are up on the latest trends. If you are a repair person, home builder/contractor — add touches that show your attention to detail. Decorate walls with framed photographs of your work, before and after.

Equip it for Productivity. Suit it up for Efficiency.

Looks aren’t everything.  It is extremely important to set-up your home office space for efficiency so you can maximize your income and business revenue.


While it is obvious that you will need a computer, you need to also consider how many. Will you need the horsepower of a desktop? The flexibility of a laptop? Or both? Go online to research pricing. If cost is an issue, don’t forget to check manufacturer sites, such as Dell, for refurbished equipment and closeouts. If you are leaving a job, you might also ask your human resources department manager whether there is an opportunity to purchase equipment, or make it a part of your exit/severance agreement.

Save money. Eliminate commute time. And go to work on creating your home office – designed for business productivity!