Great Ideas for Girls Night Out – and Girls Night In!

Tired of the same old same old girls night out? Try these ideas to jazz things up – whether you go out or stay in!

Grown Girls Sleepover

Why should kids have all the sleepover fun? Have the girls bring their PJs and stay overnight! Catch up with what’s going on in each others’ lives. Make sure to have your girls bring one item that they can use to tell a bedtime story about – like their high school year book or family photo album. While the stories are going on, use the time to give each other a facial or mani-pedi. Then in the morning, fix some pancakes, eggs, bacon and grits, along with champagne and orange juice Mimosas.


Make Me Over!

Scour YouTube for makeup tutorials to come up with a new makeup ideas for daytime and nighttime. Hunt down coupons for local drug stores for your “practice makeup” session so you don’t spend a fortune.


Worldwide Wine Tasty Party

Host a wine-tasting party with wines from around the world. Cover wine bottles with foil and have everyone guess the type of wine and where it’s from. Don’t just go for the obvious like France and Italy – go global! South Africa is known for having some of the best. And there mighty fine vintages from Spain, Australia, Argentina and Chile. Search the Internet for labels and foods to add from the country to round out the evening!


Girls Got Game!

Where is it written that sports events are just for the brothers? Get the girls together to go to a b-ball, football or baseball game! Or head on over to play some pool or go bowling. After the game is over – round out the night with some chicken wings and beer at the most popular sports bar in town!


Karoke Motown-Style

Download classic Motown hits from The Supremes, Martha and the Vandella’s and Gladys Knight from Amazon.com.  Look up the lyrics and print out copies. Draw names to see who has to sing what. Then pretend you’re judges like on American Idol or America’s Got Talent and pick winners. The one who wins gets to host the next Girl’s Night Out – or Girl’s Night In!


Boudoir Shots

Why spend tons on a photographer you don’t even know to take a sexy bedroom photo for your man? Invite your girlfriends over and tell them to bring their lingerie. Then take turns being the photographer.



Murder Mystery Dinner Party

This is a way cool way to spend the night end! Get a murder mystery game like the one advertised – complete with the back-story, characters and invites. You’ll be surprised who turns into a grand sleuth and how easily your friends take on their roles!


Make Martha Proud!

Snag a few cool craft ideas from Pinterest and have a DIY craft night. Necklaces and earrings are easy. Turn the kitchen or dining room table into a craft table. Bring out the Martha Stewart that’s hidden inside you! Draw names so you make one item for yourself and one for someone else. Then promise that you’ll wear the item the next time you all go out.


Girlfriend Groupon

Keep tabs of specials on Groupon for savings at spas and hot restaurants you haven’t tried. Go totally out of the box and look for activities you’ve never tried like golf, painting, or even taking a ride in a hot air balloon!