How to Jazz UP Your Facebook Posts!

Jazzing up your FaceBook posts is easier than you might think. And it lets you be creative and take your posts to the next level. Share photos of family gatherings with friends and folks who couldn’t be there. Post a clever meme, a picture from your phone, or upload a YouTube video to add pizzazz!

You don’t need any special classes or skills. Just follow these simple how-to instructions and you will be uploading and sharing like a computer geek in no time!

How to Upload a Video from YouTube …

OPTION 1 (Recommended)

  1. Open your FaceBook page.
  2. Open a new window (don’t close out of FaceBook). Go to YouTube. Search for the video you want to post.
  3. Move your mouse to the browser bar for the YouTube page, and highlight/copy the page URL in the browser.
  4. Go back to your FaceBook page and paste the URL address inside the comments/post section.
  5. Click the “enter” key on your device. FaceBook will automatically display a key frame for people to click to view your YouTube video post!

OPTION 2 (Alternative)

  1. Open your FaceBook page.
  2. Open YouTube in a new window. Search for the video.
  3. Click the FaceBook icon to share the video on your page.

A pop-up from FaceBook will appear. Follow instructions. Be patient, could take a moment. The video will appear as a post to your FaceBook homepage/timeline. Post and Share!

How to Upload  Selfies & Photos to FaceBook from Your Phone

There are three ways to send photos from your phone …

  1. FaceBook app – On a smartphone (Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile), visit m.facebook.com and download the app for your device. These apps are designed to integrate with your phone and provide the option to send photos to your FaceBook account as soon as you take a picture.
  2. FaceBook MMS – Create an MMS message and attach the picture file to the message. Send the message to mobile@facebook.com (via email, not phone). You will receive a test message with a confirmation code from FaceBook. Use the code to confirm, and the photo will be posted. Keep in mind, depending on your data plan, this option could get costly.
  3. FaceBook Email – If your phone can send emails, go to facebook.com/mobile for your special FaceBook email address. Any photo or video sent to this address will automatically be posted on your FaceBook page. Whatever you put in the subject line of the email will be used as the caption for the photo or video.

How to Upload a Meme to FaceBook

  1. Open your Facebook page.
  2. Do a Google IMAGE search to find a meme you like. (Example: Birthday meme)
  3. Right click on the image. Click Copy the image to highlight the link.
  4. Save the image to a file on your computer for Facebook posts.
  5. Go to your Facebook page. Find the image file on your computer. Upload the image onto your Facebook page.
  6. Add a comment (optional).

How to Upload an Article to FaceBook

  1. Search for the article on Google, Yahoo or your news feed.
  2. Go to the article page (Time Magazine, Washington Post, Huffington Post, etc)
  3. Point your mouse to the address in your website browser
  4. Right click your mouse to copy/highlight the website page address
  5. Go to your FaceBook Page.
  6. Paste the article website address when prompted “What’s on your mind”
  7. Click enter. Your article will post to your page.

Set Up Files for Storing and Future Use

You will probably discover that you will want to repost and share videos, photos and memes again ang again. So set up a file folder on your computer that will allow you to easily access whatever you need.


  1. Set up a general folder for your FaceBook images. Give the folder a name. EXAMPLE: MY FB IMAGES.
  2. Once you set up that folder, you might also want to create subfolders, such as PHOTOS, VIDEOS, MEMES.
  3. Save your creations to their corresponding folder. Give them a name that will trigger a reminder. Example: Birthday Party 2015, Christmas, etc.

There you have it! Now you can jazz up your FaceBook posts and make your timeliine and pages even more engaging!

Have Fun!