Robert Brown III


Portrait of Brenda



Oil On Canvas


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Gloria From the Black Swan Series of Paintings



Oil on Canvas Board


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Katherine From the Descended Series of Drawings: Unspoken Ancestry


Graphite On Paper


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71st and Merrill From the South Shore Suite of Paintings


Oil On Canvas


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Ash Trees on Blue Hills
From the South Shore Suite: Gate at South Shore Cultural Center

18″ x 25″ Oil on Canvas $600

16″ x 20″ oil on canvas $600

In Remembrance of Tamera Patterson, Portrait of Ahmed Mubarak
The Honorable Barack Hussain Obama

24″x30″ Oil on Canvas, $1,000

20″x23″ Oil on Canvas, $800

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It is my belief that at some point in life, we must all look into self to ask the question of relevance. To address the need to know, have I left something, anything that may better someone else and justify ones existence. I continue to ask this question as I work through the question of relevance and self worth.
Robert Brown III

Robert Brown III was born in Rockford, Illinois, on February 1, 1950. He attended Rockford Public Schools and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison majoring in Art and Art History. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Public Service from Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies. He has lived in the South Shore area of Chicago since 2001.

Upon retiring in 2012, he returned to his passion, art, full-time. “There is nothing more enjoyable than working with the human figure,” says Brown. He also enjoys exploring subject matters such as the urban landscape and interiors. He is particularly fond of works which focus and  address the African American urban experience, which Chicago’s South Shore community, his beloved home, being his favorite.

Brown is presently exploring and showing a legacy series of portraits of younger family members using their “Selfie” photos as a testimony of their importance to the artist and to the community they share. The series also explores the ever changing nature of families. In the case of his personal family, he explores those changes through the prism of race, class and religion.

For the last three years, Brown has been fortunate enough to have been selected to exhibit at the Black Creativity Juried Art Exhibition at Chicago’s famed Museum of Science and Industry. And he recently held his very first Solo Exhibition in October 2016 at Studio 71 in South Shore, in Chicago, Illinois.

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