Transfer Students

as an incoming transfer student, chances are you have been through an orientation program before. you may even feel like going to another orientation program will just be a repeat of the last one, however, we want to make your first experience as a new ship student as unique and helpful as possible. we are working on an individualized orientation program that speaks to the specific needs of transfer students. before orientation, please send in your transcripts so they can be evaluated and you can schedule your courses.

  • Help with Registration and Scheduling issues: 
    • Transfer students will be encouraged to work with their academic department to schedule for their first semester courses. In order to register for courses, you will need to get a PIN from your department. For your convenience, please click here for registration instructions. Please keep in mind that until you are assigned a departmental advisor, your default contacts are the department chair and the office administrative associate. You can find a list of all chairs and associates at the following link:
    • During our virtual orientation, transfer students who have not had the opportunity to work with their department to register for their first semester courses will complete a form to schedule an appointment RAFT room (Registration Area for Troubleshooting) faculty and/or their academic department faculty.
    • *Please remember to send your updated transcript to the Admissions Office if you have not done so already!


  • Valuable insight into the Ship campus and community: There are many opportunities for Ship students to become involved in, both on campus and within the community.  We have Academic based clubs, Arts and Leisure clubs, Social Media clubs, Multicultural organizations and Service clubs, just to name a few.  Most of our Orientation Leaders are involved in various activities and will be glad to talk more about how you can become involved.

  • A chance to connect with current and incoming Ship students: Orientation is a great time to meet new people.  Yes it can be awkward at first, but making connections with other students can ease the transition to a new college. You will have the opportunity to talk to new students, just like you, as well as current students.

For more information regarding transferring to Ship, Click Here