The Office of Accessibility Resources

2020欧洲杯体育娱乐官网shippensburg university is committed to serving all students, including those with disabilities. the office of accessibility resources (oar) coordinates accommodations and services for students with documented disabilities in compliance with section 504 of the rehabilitation act of 1973, the americans with disabilities act (ada) of 1990, and the ada amendments act of 2008. oar works with other departments and university students to lay the foundation of equal educational access to otherwise qualified individuals. additionally, the office works in conjunction with the human resources office to provide accommodations to university faculty and staff with documented disabilities.

2020欧洲杯体育娱乐官网incoming students with disabilities follow the same admissions procedures and standards as established by the university’s office of admissions. questions about admissions procedures are addressed in that office by contacting (717) 477-1231. however, all requests regarding eligibility for accommodations and services through oar should be directed to our office in mowrey hall. questions about appropriate accommodations and required diagnostic documentation are addressed by contacting the director of accessibility resources at (717) 477-1364 or ext. 1326.

High School vs. University

Unlike the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) that applies to most schools offering primary and secondary education, the Office of Accessibility Resources of an institution of higher (or post-secondary) education is regulated by equal opportunity/anti-discrimination acts. Therefore, the academic accommodations students receive in primary and secondary education may be quite different than those offered at the university. To view basic differences in high school vs. university accommodations for students with documented disabilities, click the following link: The differences in high school vs. university.


Students with specific housing needs due to documented disabilities must first submit a request to the Office of Housing/Residence Life. Together with OAR, review of the diagnostic documentation determines if the request is reasonable. For further information about housing, click the following link:


self-advocacy among students with disabilities is strongly encouraged and very important to academic success at shippensburg university. students prepared in self-advocacy take an active role in the learning process, educational opportunities, and support services that are available to all students at the university. awareness and knowledge of how the disability impacts academic performance plus an understanding of rights and personal responsibilities in an academic setting are critical to seamless transitioning and to being a self-advocate. oar strives to convey a vision for success by promoting independence and life-long learning among students with disabilities.