Multicultural Student Affairs


in 1989, dr. anthony ceddia (university president) created the office of minority student affairs (msa) in response to the growing need to address cultural and social needs of african american students. in 1990, the african american students invited the latino students to become a charted msa organization. since 1990 several other cultural student organizations have become a part of the msa family. in 1994, the office's name was changed to what it is known as today - the office of multicultural student affairs.

the msa strives to expose students to individuals and experiences that will help them to grow, develop self-confidence, and gain assertiveness. the msa always challenges students to learn about themselves and their cultures, and how they impact their everyday lives.

the office of multicultural student affairs provides students with the opportunity to ask the question "why?" - especially about paramount issues such as sexism, racism, sexuality, religious preference, etc.

Programs Offered by the MSA Office

A Message from the Director

2020欧洲杯体育娱乐官网welcome to the shippensburg university office of multicultural student affairs web pages. as you browse these pages, i hope you will be excited and inspired by what you learn.

2020欧洲杯体育娱乐官网when i'm asked to describe the msa i usually reply, "we are a family", a family who supports, advocated, challenges and encourages one another to succeed. our mission is to educate and graduate students who will possess a vision for leadership and a will to excel. one of my favorite quotes is, "mediocrity is not an option". msa touches the lives of people who will shape the future.

we hope that you will visit us at our office, utilize our meeting rooms, and attend the events that we sponsor as well as those sponsored by our student groups.

Please feel free to contact me directly at dljeff@bestblackbuys.com2020欧洲杯体育娱乐官网 if you would like to become involved with MSA or if you have ideas or suggestions!

Diane L. Jefferson, Director
Multicultural Student Affairs